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How to Set Up In-App Purchases in Your Branded App
How to Set Up In-App Purchases in Your Branded App

We're explaining why enabling in-app purchases is a good idea for your custom branded app and everything you need to do to set it up.

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With in-app purchase enabled, your prospective clients can buy a training package right from your branded app during signup. Clients can easily do this through a sign-up button that's added to the first app screen.

The goal of in-app purchases is to catch any prospective clients that download your app prior to buying a package from you. An in-app purchase option makes it easy for them to buy right inside the app.

When a user clicks this sign-up button, they will be presented with details about the training package and price. From here they can click on the Buy button to buy the package.

Once the purchase is successful they would be added as your client in your training app. Their app would be configured as per the settings inside the training package.

In-app purchase FAQ

Why offer in-app purchase inside your branded app?

When people learn about your app, the first thing they will do is go to the app store and download it. If they don't see a sign-up button, they will get confused. Some may try to go to your website and find a link to sign up for your services, but many won't have patience to figure things out, which means lost revenue for your business. Having a in-app purchase inside the app makes it more simple.

Plus, it makes distribution easy. We use our phones for everything and working within an app is often more second nature than registering on a website. An option to buy right in your app gives you one more touchpoint with prospects, making it easy for you to make the sale.

Overall, having in-app purchases creates a better experience for your prospective clients and can help you sell more packages.

What type of in-app purchase is supported?

With Trainerfu, you can sell one 30-day program inside your branded app. If your clients need to extend their subscription beyond 30 days, they can buy this program multiple times.

Why is it limited to a 30-day program? And why I can't offer a recurring subscription program?

The main goal of offering in-app purchase is to not let any prospective client slip through the cracks. If a prospective client goes directly to the app store to get your app, you would want them to sign up to your program and not leave confused. Offering in-app purchases can't and shouldn't be the only way that you get prospects to sign up for your offerings, but it's a great option to have.

Once someone signs up through in-app purchase, you would ideally want them to switch to your Stripe based subscription. Why? Because Stripe only charges 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction (in USA) as opposed to 15% charged by both Apple app store and Google Play.

How to move clients from the in-app purchase to a Stripe based subscription?

Once a client signs up through the app store, you can send a scheduled message informing them how they can buy a training package linked through Stripe.

To motivate clients to switch to a Stripe based training package, make sure that you price it cheaper than the one you offer through the App store.

What happens when a client's in-app purchase expires?

If a client does not switch to a Stripe based training package, their account would be deactivated.

What happens when someone switches over to a Stripe based subscription in the middle of their in-app 30-day program?

Their account would remain active. It is recommended that you add the remaining days left on their subscription for free to their new Stripe based subscription. You can enable this in settings; we'll show you how later on.

Do the Apple and Google app stores charge commission when someone buys your program using in-app purchase?

Apple and Google will take 15% commission on all purchases if you sign up for their free small business program. Otherwise, they take 30% commission.

What is the process after setting up in-app purchase?
Once you set up an in-app purchase, Trainerfu will submit a new update to both Apple and Google with in-app purchase enabled. Once the update is approved, the in-app purchase will become available inside your app.

Any price change to the in-app purchase also requires a new update.

How will you receive payouts from Apple and Google?

Both Apple and Google will transfer the amount to the bank linked inside your developer account. They only transfer it once and with approximately a month delay.

Now, to enable in-app purchase, you will have to set it up separately on Apple, Google, and Trainerfu. So let's see how:

How to set up in-app purchases in Apple

You need to set up your banking information inside your Apple developer account before you can start accepting payments. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your App Store Connect account and click on Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

Note: If this is your first time visiting this page, you will be prompted to agree to the Terms by entering your legal business entity details. You will also need to accept Apple’s Paid Apps Agreement.

2. Click on Set Up Tax, Banking, and Contacts.

3. Click on Add Bank Account and fill in your bank account details.

4. Agree to the disclaimer and click Add.

Note: After adding your bank account details, Apple will need to cross-check and process this information. The processing will be completed within 24 hours.

5. Then, you will need to click on Complete Tax Forms.

The tax forms and the options that you must fill in depend on your country of residence and the specific details about your business.

How to set up in-app purchases in Google Play

You need to set up your banking information inside your Google Play developer account before you can start accepting payments. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate to Setup > Payments profile and click on the Create payments profile button.

2. Fill in your business details and add a primary contact.

3. Complete the Public merchant profile information.

4. Click on Add Payment Method.

5. Fill in your bank account details and click Save.

How to set up in-app purchase in Trainerfu

  1. Go to More > Settings.

  2. Click on In-App Purchase (Signup).

  3. Next, select the package that will be unlocked for a client when they complete this in-app purchase.

  4. Select the Price.

    Important Points:

    1. This price will unlock the the use of this program and the app for 30 days only.

    2. The price you select here could be different from the price that is configured inside the training package.

  5. Next select the Free Trial Settings.

    You can send the direct link to a package to a client. If the client buys the package using the direct link, their account will be switched from in-app to Stripe based subscription.

    If want to add the remaining days of the in-app purchase as a free trial when a client switches to Stripe based subscription then select Yes here.

  6. Finally, click Save.

If you have more questions about in-app purchases, feel free to send us an email at

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