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Getting Started

Learn how to quickly get up and running with Trainerfu.

Workout Planning

Learn how to utilize Trainerfu to plan workouts for your clients.

Tracking (Workout + Metrics)

Learn all you need to know in order to track your clients progress at each step of the way.

Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to deliver nutrition coaching to your clients using Trainerfu.

Habit Coaching

You'll learn how to use Trainerfu to cultivate healthy habits in your clients.

Custom Branding (White Label Branded App)

Learn what custom branding is and what benefits your business stand to gain from it.

Sell Packages & Collect Payments

Learn how to utilize Trainerfu for all your payments and financial reporting.

Online Group Training (Online Fitness Challenge)

Discover how to run online fitness challenges with Trainerfu

Automation - PAR-Q, Waiver, Onboarding, Reminder, Content

Learn how to automate processes and increase productivity with Trainerfu.

News Feed

Optimize the news feed feature on Trainerfu to configure news and engage your clients better.


Manage your team on Trainerfu.