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Tips for Building Workout Plans Fast in Trainerfu
Tips for Building Workout Plans Fast in Trainerfu

Do you want to build workout plans faster? The following tips will teach you everything you need to know.

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We know how busy life gets as a personal trainer! Building workouts for your clients is probably one of the tasks that takes up a huge chunk of your time. That's why when designing our workout planner, it was our primary goal to make it efficient and fast.

In this article, we will share four important tips that will help you significantly cut down time when building workout plans for your clients in Trainerfu.

  1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts.

    You may not realize it, but a lot of your time in front of the computer is wasted on reaching the mouse, moving the cursor, and then clicking a button — especially when you are repeating the same sequence thousands of times a day!

    No wonder computer pros love keyboard shortcuts. Not only does it save a ton of time, but it also keeps them in a state of flow.

    One of the ways you can save yourself time when building workouts for your clients in Trainerfu is by using keyboard shortcuts.

    We support an extensive number of keyboard shortcuts in workout plan editor. Here are the most important ones:

    • ⌘ + E (Add Exercise)
      Cmd + E on Mac or Ctrl + E on Windows. This will open the Exercise Selection view.

    • ⌘ + C (Copy Workout)
      Cmd + C on Mac or Ctrl + C on Windows. This will copy a workout.

    • ⌘ + V (Paste Workout)
      Cmd + V on Mac or Ctrl + V on Windows. This will paste a workout.

    • ⇧ + C (Copy Exercise)
      Shift + C. This will copy an exercise.

    • ⇧ + V (Paste Exercise)
      Shift + V. This will paste an exercise.

    • ⇦, ⇨, ⇧, ⇩ (Navigate Plan)
      Use left, right, up, down arrows to navigate workout plan.

    In most cases you can build the entire workout plan without even reaching for your mouse. And don't worry about trying to memorize all of these shortcuts. At any time, you can learn about all the amazing keyboard shorts we support in workout plan editor, by clicking on the keyboard icon.

  2. Use Workout Templates

    If you find yourself using the same workouts again and again, then it is useful to create a workout template for the workout. This way you can reuse it and don't have to start from scratch when building workouts for a client. There are two ways to create a workout template:

    1. You can create a template inside the workout plan editor. When you are done creating a workout for a client that you think you would want to use later. Click on Save workout to template icon at the top right corner of the Workout plan.

    2. Or you can go to the main More menu and then click on Workout Templates. Here you can create a new template.

    To use a previously created workout template in a workout plan editor, click on Import workout from template icon at the top right corner of workout editor page.

  3. Use Plan Templates

    Plan templates allow you to copy-paste the entire plan to one or more clients.

    To create a plan template, click on the main More menu and then select Plan Templates. Here you can create a new plan template.

    Once the plan template is ready, click on the Copy Template to Client, or Copy Template To Groups to copy this template to multiple clients or groups.

  4. Copy + Paste Features

    You don't always need to create templates to use the power of copy-paste. Here are a few ways other ways:

    1. Copy-Paste workout plans
      In the workout plan editor you can click on the copy plan button to copy the entire weekly plan.

      Now you can click on the paste button to paste this plan on to any other workout plan.

    2. Copy-Paste workouts

      In the workout plan editor you can click on the copy workout button to copy the entire day plan.

      Now you can click on the paste button to paste this workout on to any other day.

    3. Copy-Paste exercises
      Use keyboard shortcut Shift + C to copy an exercise and Shift + V to paste it to any other workouts.

When you cut the time it takes to build your workout plans, you can take on even more clients and grow your business faster!

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