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Photo Meal Logging as an Alternative to Calorie Tracking
Photo Meal Logging as an Alternative to Calorie Tracking

Learn about photo meal logging as an alternative to calorie tracking that works better for some clients.

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When it comes to helping your clients with nutrition, tracking calories in MyFitnessPal is precise, but it can definitely be time consuming.

Some clients may not mind it, but others will think it's too much work. This might make them fall behind in their training or have a negative impact on their ability to reach their fitness goals.

For such clients, we recommend an alternate approach — photo food logging. Clients simply take a photo of food they are eating and then share it with you.

Here is how the process will look for your clients in the app:

  1. Your client will take a photo of the meal they are eating.

  2. They will go to their diary in the app.

  3. They'll choose New Post.

  4. Here they can upload the photo, add a short description, and post.

Once your client uploads the meal photo, you can see the post on your news feed. The photo may not give you an exact calorie amount but it should give you a very good idea on whether your clients are making the right choices at meal time.

Use the comment section to provide feedback and educate your clients.

This method is so easy, even the busiest of your clients won't have any excuse not to track their meals. Plus, the knowledge that they will be sharing the photos of their meals will be enough to keep many clients motivated to stay on track when it comes to healthy eating.

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