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How to Set Up Macros Tracking for Your Clients
How to Set Up Macros Tracking for Your Clients

Provide your clients with better nutrition coaching by settings and tracking macro goals.

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In this article you will learn how to set up macro goals for your clients and how to keep them accountable.

How to set up the macros tracking for your clients

  1. Go to the client's Assessment view.

  2. Select Nutrition.

  3. Here you can create or edit the daily macro goal for your client.

  4. You can set up macros as a percentage of daily calories intake or in grams.

How to keep your clients accountable

  1. If your clients have integrated Trainerfu with MyFitnessPal, you will see their meal log right in your news feed.

  2. At the bottom of this meal log, you can compare their actual numbers with the goal you set for them.

  3. Leave a comment to provide feedback to your clients and help them make a lasting change one day at a time.

How to review your clients' weekly or monthly nutrition progress

The news feed is a great place to keep an eye on daily activities of all your clients and provide them regular feedback.
But if you want to review their progress over a week or month, the Nutrition section is better. To go to the Nutrition section:

  • Go to the client's Assessment view and then select Nutrition.

  • Here you can see the summary of all the past meal logs of the client.

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