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Why Should You Get Your Own Custom Branded Fitness App
Why Should You Get Your Own Custom Branded Fitness App

Having your own branded fitness app can help you standout so that you can make more sales. Let's talk about why.

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Let's have a little fun and compare two different versions of BBC's news website. The first one is from the 90's and the second one is the latest version of their site.

Of course, news as a product hasn't changed too much since the 90's (though many would argue that it's gone downhill over the years), but the delivery of the news has certainly improved.

If presented with these two options, which site do you think most people would choose to consume their news?

Obviously, the more modern option of BBC is the winner.

Why? It looks much more professional. And that means it is perceived as more trustworthy and as having higher value.

Having a branded app has the same effect on your prospective clients.

Most people know that creating a professional app is a very expensive undertaking. Which is why having a fitness app developed for your business instantly puts you in premium category. You will be perceived as a more valuable and trustworthy brand.

Which means you:

  • Will convert more visitors to leads.

  • Can charge higher prices without pushbacks.

  • And can deliver a better experience, which means your clients will stay with you longer.

Fitness is a competitive market and being a premium brand could be a difference between a successful and a failing fitness business.

Having said that, just having a branded app is not enough. You do need to back it up with great results for the clients and unique offerings β€” which the Trainerfu app can also help with!

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