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How to Integrate Appointment Booking Inside Trainerfu Client App
How to Integrate Appointment Booking Inside Trainerfu Client App

Integrate your appointment booking software so that clients can easily book appointments with you from their client app.

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An appointment booking software is a great tool for personal trainers that can save time and provide a better client experience.

There are many great appointment booking software available for personal trainers, and what works best for you depends on your specific needs. We compare a few popular ones here.

Most appointment booking software has a free tier. If you are just starting out, you can go a long way with just the free version.

Once you start using an appointment booking software, we recommend you to integrate it with Trainerfu client app. When you do that, your clients can book appointments with you directly from their client app based on your availability. This saves you time and is a more seamless experience for the client.

Here are the steps to integrate your booking software with Trainerfu:

  1. Every appointment booking software will have a booking page feature. This is the page where your clients can go to book appointments with you. Locate this page and copy the scheduling link.

    Here is how to copy the scheduling link on Calendly:

  2. Back in Trainerfu, go to More > Files & Links.

  3. Click on Add Link or File.

  4. Now choose an App Link Icon, then enter a Title for your link (eg. Book An Appointment). Paste the link that you copied earlier (your booking link) in the link field.

  5. Click on Add Link and you're done!

Once you complete these steps, the appointment booking link will be added to the client app.

Clients can now go to the More tab inside their app, and click on that link to book an appointment with you. Here's what that looks like:

Don't make clients leave their app to schedule time with you or deal with back and forth emails or phone calls. Make it easier for you and the clients by integrating your appointment booking software with Trainerfu.

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