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How to Create a Resource Library and Share It with Your Clients
How to Create a Resource Library and Share It with Your Clients

Share training resources like documents, PDFs, videos and more with your clients with Trainerfu and Google Drive.

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Do you have extra resources that you want to share with your clients? It's easy to share documents, videos, and more with Trainerfu and Google Drive. Here's how:

  1. Google Drive is a free cloud storage solution. The first step in sharing documents via Trainerfu is to create a Google Drive account if you don't already have one.

  2. Once in Drive, create a new folder by clicking New > New Folder.

  3. Enter the name of the folder (eg. Client Resources).

  4. Click Create.

  5. To get your materials into your Google Drive folder, click on New > File Upload to upload the files from your computer to this folder.

    Note: You can add Google docs, sheets, and forms inside this folder.

  6. Now, set the permission for this folder so that your clients will be able to access it.

    1. Double click on the folder name to get inside the folder.

    2. Click on the name of the folder again, and then click on the share icon in the drop down menu.

    3. Under General Access, select Anyone with the link. This makes it so that anyone with this link to your folder can view what's inside of it.

    4. Now click on Copy Link to copy the share link. We will use this link later.

  7. After copying the share link to your clipboard, open Trainerfu.

  8. In Trainerfu, click on More > Files & Links.

  9. Click on Add Link or File.

  10. Choose a Link Icon and enter Title (eg. Client Resources). Paste the link you copied from Google Drive inside the Link field.

  11. Click Add Link.

Once you do this, your Google drive resource folder will be available to your clients in their client app. They can now go to More tab inside their client app to access the resource folder and all the documents in it.

Including a Google Drive link in your Trainerfu app makes it easy for clients to access their resources in one place and adds value to your personal training.

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