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How to Use the News Feed to Engage Clients and Build Community
How to Use the News Feed to Engage Clients and Build Community

Follow these easy tips to get the most out of the Trainerfu news feed feature.

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The Trainerfu news feed is a great place to build a community of clients that support, motivate, and keep each other accountable. Let's go over some ideas that will help you use the news feed effectively.

Tip 1: Introduce new clients.

Introducing newly joined clients to your community with an ice-breaking post not only helps the new client feel welcome, it also is a great way to build engagement and reinforce to everyone that the community is growing.

Tip 2: Share useful fitness tips or content.

You can package helpful fitness advice into engaging videos, photos, or articles and share it with your community on a regular basis. This will give your clients a reason to keep checking the news feed from time to time.

Tip 3: Sometimes just have fun.

You don't want the community you're building to be boring! And everything you share doesn't have to be serious. Sometimes it’s okay to have fun. Share a funny fitness meme, comic-strip, or video.

Sharing light-hearted posts with your clients is a great way to get them comfortable. This will make them more likely to participate on the feed and share their progress transparently, without any fear of judgement.

Tip 4: Ask open-ended questions.

One great thing about the news feed is the conversations you and your clients can have there. Asking open-ended questions is a great way to boost participation, and can often lead to healthy discussions among clients.

Tip 5: Assign your clients a fitness challenge and ask them to post a photo on the news-feed.

When everything else fails, social proof delivers. Give your clients a challenging task, and ask them to post their photos on the news feed.

This is a great way to push clients who are lagging behind on their goals... while incentivizing those who are performing well.

Tip 6: Regularly like and comment on clients’ posts.

Every client wants to be noticed. Give them words of encouragement when they do well, and offer support when progress is not coming so easily. Your engagement with clients will go a long way in making them feel seen and motivated.

Tip 7: Encourage client participation.

Sometimes, clients shy away from sharing and asking their questions. Keep pushing your clients to participate openly, and watch your community grow.

Tip 8: Plan a content calendar.

When your schedule is full, it can be difficult to stay consistent with posting on the news feed. Consider creating a monthly or quarterly content plan, so that you never run out of engaging or relevant content to post.

To learn more about how to configure news feed for you and your clients, checkout this article.

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