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How to Configure a News Feed for You and Your Clients
How to Configure a News Feed for You and Your Clients

Build community with clients using the Trainerfu news feed feature. Here's how to configure your news feed settings.

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We love our social media news feeds for keeping up with friends and sharing updates. The news feed within the Trainerfu app serves a similar purpose. Use it to help clients build a community that supports and motivates each other to reach their fitness goals.

There are some different ways to configure the news feed for both yourself and for clients depending on the type and number of clients you have. This is how:

How to configure your clients' news feed

A client can see update from other clients in their group if the news feed is turned on.

Note: If you don't want any of the clients to see each other updates, then you can turn off news feed for all the groups (By selecting No in news feed settings).

Even for groups that have news feed turned on, you can control what type of posts are visible to clients on their news feed.

  1. In the app, go to More > Settings

  2. Select News Feed Settings

  3. Select Client News Feed Settings

  4. Change the settings by selecting the types of updates you want to show up on your client's newsfeed and click save.

How to configure the trainer news feed

As a trainer, the news feed is a great place to keep an eye on your clients and connect with them. However, if you have hundreds of clients, the news feed can sometime get overwhelming. You probably don't want to see each and every type of updates on the news feed. Good news, you can configure your news feed to only show certain types of updates.

To configure a trainer news feed:

  1. Go to More > Settings.

  2. Select News Feed Settings.

  3. Select Trainer News Feed Settings.

Change the settings and click save.

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